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Curry On
July 16-17th, 2018

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A new and unusual non-profit conference focused on programming languages & emerging challenges in industry.
Academia and industry need to have a talk.
Or rather, they just need to talk in general.
Curry On is a new conference focused on the intersection of emerging languages and emerging challenges in industry (e.g. big data or security), as well as new ideas and paradigms in software development.

Curry On also seeks to act as a conduit for ferrying understanding and ideas back and forth between industry and academic programming languages, software engineering, and systems research communities (amongst others).
Curry On is a rare event where academic minds responsible for concepts and tools now invaluable to everyday software development – like functional programming, or generics in Java – collide with the movers and shakers in industry that are building next-generation systems and developing software engineering practices central to our entire industry.

Curry On will be held in a different European city year-to-year, and it will always be co-located with one of the top academic conferences in programming languages. This year, it's co-located with ECOOP.

Join us for two days of fruitful and mind-altering ideas and discussions, and maybe a few beers or a sip of coffee.
Our goal:
Bring industry and academia together to have a conversation.
One speaker addressing hundreds of people is hardly a conversation.
So, let's change that.
Chess-Timer talks
Chess-timer talks are our unusual solution to making tech conferences a more interactive, more fun, and better place for learning and discussions.

Speakers who choose to give a chess-timer talk are allowed 20 minutes of solo speaking time, and 20 minutes of discussion time. A Curry On representative operates a chess-timer during the presentation, switching between solo + discussion time budgets. When an audience member interrupts the talk to ask a question, for example, we switch the timer to deduct from discussion time.

Curry On will feature a limited number of chess-timer sessions, meaning that a majority of talks will still be standard conference talks.
Two days, three tracks
and many exciting talks


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Jan Vitek
Northeastern University
Torsten Layda
SIX Global IT
Filip Křikava
Czech Technical University