Curry On
July 16-17th, 2018

Akka.JS and why the actor model matters even in JS's world.
Andrea Peruffo



Thanks to languages like Erlang and Elixir, and libraries like Akka, developers are already exploiting the benefits of the actor model in their applications. We will start from the basic concepts and see in depth why this paradigm can help us to build better, cleaner and more reusable code, that takes care of concurrency for free even in a single-threaded environment. Akka is a mature actor library. Thanks to the Scala.JS project and an active effort to bring an idiomatic API to the JavaScript ecosystem, JS developers will be able to benefit from a production-ready, battle-tested framework. We will live-code an example to demonstrate the benefits of leveraging the Akka.JS framework in your applications.


Andrea Peruffo is an all-around software developer with hands-on experience in delivering software systems of any kind. He has experience in many different fields, like embedded controllers, cloud infrastructures, PLCs, BigData platforms, FPGAs, microservices etc. etc. Fond in hands-on code development and contributor to several Open Source projects.