Curry On
July 15-16th, 2019

The Tricks of Game Programming in a Pure Functional Language
Jordy Moos
PB Web Media


Do you want to play your own levels in Boulder Dash? Well, you actually can! And I can tell you how it is made. This combination of gaming, functional programming, and a nip of nostalgia will give us an interesting and addictive result where you can unleash all your creativity. In this talk, we will discuss how you can apply the tricks of game programming to make a funny game in Elm. As kind of a fun experiment, I recreated the game Boulder Dash with my love of game programming to better learn Elm. The experiment got “a bit out of hand” and the game turned more into a game engine. Not only can we play Boulder Dash, but we can also watch the Game of Life and solve the challenge of day 15 of the Advent of Code 2018. Because why not? I would like to share my enthusiasm for the project and share how things are done. How are some challenges solved functionally? And how can you create your own games using JSON? The goal is to inspire people and to also make something funny


Jordy Moos is a self-taught developer with a broad scale of interests but mainly passionate about databases, reactive-, functional- and game- programming. At the age of 12 he started with php and Javascript and at the age of 14 he built a text based browser game. At the moment he works at high traffic company PB Web Media were he increases his programming skills by combining multiple disciplines using Couchbase, Elasticsearch, Scala and many others. Next to work he spent most of his time Kite Surfing and building useless stuff with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.