Curry On
July 15-16th, 2019

One VM to Rule Them All? Lessons Learned with GraalVM
Dhruv Makwana
Goldman Sachs


Goldman Sachs has an in-house programming language, Slang, used for its critical pricing and risk applications (SecDb). I will share my team’s experiences of using Truffle and Graal as we headed along the path to turn it into a JVM language. I will showcase how we have approached modernising and speeding-up our Slang interpreter and tooling whilst not breaking our complex dynamic type system, our 25 year-old, native C++ code base and more than 150 million lines of (often mission-critical) Slang code.


Dhruv is an Indian-Scot working as a Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs, on the SecDb Architecture team. He recently graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from Trinity College at the University of Cambridge, where he specialised in verification and programming languages. When not coding or thinking about coding, he can be found reading fairy-tales, learning about philosophy, dancing to Hindi film songs or teaching a new generation of CompScis on the joys of PL research.