Curry On
July 15-16th, 2019

A vision for debugging distributed applications
Aidan Hobson Sayers
Hadean Supercomputing Ltd.


Many applications today can be analysed and debugged from a single node (or even single thread) perspective. This gives you a global view of the whole system and an ability to diagnose applications at the appropriate layer of abstraction. But what happens when your programs are distributed by nature? This talk will do a census of the existing state of the art and then leverage Hadean’s experience in distributed computing (especially our EVE: Aether Wars tech demo) to identify key characteristics of a distributed debugging tool and share the vision we have in this space.


Aidan works at Hadean in London to create a platform for distributed computing and key libraries on top. His previous experience was in devops and in his spare time participates in the Rust Infrastructure and Core Teams.