Curry On
June 19-20th, 2017

Reactive Programming in the Browser with Scala.js and PureScript
Luka Jacobowitz
codecentric AG



Creating User Interfaces has traditionally been a mostly imperative matter and building UIs in a functional way has never really been easy. In this talk we’ll learn how to build UIs using only pure functions with the help of Reactive Programming and Scala.js or PureScript. We will take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each languages, explore OutWatch, a new UI Library based on Rx, look at what works well, identify more challenging tasks and unlock the full potential of functional design and type safety with functional programming in the browser.


Luka Jacobowitz is a Software Consultant at codecentric focusing on functional and reactive programming. Always interested in trying new things and lover of all things open source. He is the author of the reactive UI library and you can find his cv at and his blog under