Curry On
June 19-20th, 2017

Angelina Ballerina Learns About Memory Allocation
Allison McMillan
Collective Idea



Memory issues can be a black box often thrown over the fence for the most senior level developers to solve. For newer developers it seems like all of a sudden, your app is failing and you’re seeing red everywhere. You’ve optimized your database queries but are still running into issues. What does this all mean? How do you figure out what’s going on without solely passing it off to someone else? You’ll walk away from this talk with an understanding of what memory allocation means and the tools you can use to assess what’s happening.


Allison McMillan is a software developer at Collective Idea. She’s worn many hats including startup founder, community builder at the University of Michigan, and Managing Director of a national non-profit. Allison started programming at a Rail Girls workshop and is now a chapter organizer. She speaks on a variety of topics including mentorship, working remotely, and being a parent and a developer. When she’s not coding, you can find her encouraging her toddler’s climbing skills or pretending she has time to bake. Allison lives in the Washington, DC area.