Scaling SQL Databases Beyond Limits with PostgreSQL
Valentin Gogichashvili


This talk will cover the main aspects of how Zalando’s agile engineering teams use PostgreSQL, which has become a key component of our operations. PostgreSQL offers incredible features that our database and software engineering teams have leveraged to move quickly, change code efficiently, develop products on schedule, and migrate underlying persistence storage (without the downtimes and big migration efforts that arise with other database technologies). I’ll discuss the techniques and best practices that we have developed over time to scale SQL-based databases without the need to give up on the power of SQL, and introduce the tools that we have open-sourced to make the work of our developers and database administrators easier. By the end, you will (hopefully) have some memorable takeaways for your own DBAs (assuming you still have them) and developers. Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform—a publicly traded company doing business in 15 markets, serving more than 15 million customers, and employing more than 700 technologists who work constantly to improve our customer experience.