Crystal: a programming language for humans and computers
Ary Borenszweig & Juan Wajnerman



Crystal is a new programming language that focuses on developer productivity, type safety and execution performance. It is statically checked and compiles to native (machine) code. It combines a global type inference algorithm, compile-time macros, compile-time type introspection, automatic union types and Ruby-like syntax, allowing quick prototyping and generating efficient computer programs. It provides a Garbage Collector, uses LLVM as its backend and doesn’t run on a Virtual Machine. In this talk we will show some examples and patterns that arise from combining all these language features.

Bio (Ary Borenszweig)

Ary is a software craftsman, he is our guru in all code-related problems. Always teaching how to develop the best code with simplicity in mind, he makes everything seem easy no matter how difficult, to the point that nothing seems impossible with him on the team. Very optimistic (sometimes too much), he has the ability to put any idea into code in almost no time.

Bio (Juan Wajnerman)

Juan is the one everybody turns to when there is a question that no one else can answer: whether Internet is down or the architecture for a massive system needs to be designed, Juan always has the correct solution. Wise and humble, he applies his vast experience with patience and pragmatism. Outside the techie world, he enjoys tennis and playing with his two kittens.