Curry On
July 18-19th, 2016

Using Object Algebras To Design Embedded Domain Specific Languages
Julien Richard-Foy



Object algebras have very interesting properties and are yet underused for defining embedded DSLs. Object algebras allow the developer to define embedded DSLs in an extensible and modular way: DSLs can be broken down into independent pieces and can have several independent interpretations. Furthermore, with object algebras it is easy to define families of DSLs, that is, DSLs that specialize other DSLs. Finally, the cost of interpretation is cheap because there is no intermediate representation. This talk shows how to design such DSLs in Scala, and exercises the aforementioned features on a practical example: a DSL describing HTTP APIs in which one can derive clients, servers and documentation.


Julien Richard-Foy is a consultant for Zengularity. He likes designing code at the right level of abstraction.