Curry On
July 18-19th, 2016

To Macros and Beyond!: How macros changed Scala, and what's coming next
Eugene Burmako



Scala has transformed in a big way when it got macros in early 2013. Very soon after their introduction, macros spread like wildfire, and now they are used in many major libraries in the Scala community. Why such a sudden success? Can macros be useful to your language? Come join us to learn from our experiences and see what we’re planning for future versions of Scala.


Eugene Burmako is a last-year PhD student from EPFL, working on the academic side of the Scala language team. During his time at EPFL, Eugene created Scala macros and delivered them to the production compiler. These days, along with maintaining reflection and macros, Eugene works on scala.meta, a general-purpose metaprogramming toolkit for Scala.